Thunder Bay

Our first trip to the uncharted territory or province of Ontario! Super excited to finally be out here after all of this time in the band and honestly, im not sure if things could be going any better!

We hit up Thunder Bay as the inaugural show of the Ontario jaunt and it was a super great time! It was the first meeting of our new friends in Kreise, which you should totally check out if you’re into heavy rock / opeth kinda bluesy stuff.  Very cool guys and killer musicians to boot.

Our first real time playing with Striker as well so we finally got to see what all of the hoopla surrounding them was all about. Awesome times were had by all!

Our set went killer and there wasnt too much rust from the multiple days off. Sold a decent amount of merch and met the owner of the Pub who ended up being one of my favorite people of the tour so far. Super awesome that we keep meeting killer people and not anyone super arrogant or dickheady.

After the show, we loaded up the van and made the insane drive over night to sudbury, but at least this time we had new friends to convoy with.  Kreise.

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