The Last Few

So it’s proven more difficult that I expected to keep up with all the blog posts after this many shows in a row.  So here it goes at a recap!

After Oshawa, we headed down to woodstock where we played with a few funny characters.  Probably our first experience with egos and attitude on this tour if I was to be perfectly honest.  The show went really good and we performed a little more aggressive than usual…. with the banter and teasing of the crowd at the highest level. But the egos were starting to get to me.

To be honest, it was really just out of insecurity, and I get that…. but the size of the egos were so large that I thought the bar might take off from the helium.

The great news was that we met a couple of really cool band members from this one other band who were super excited about taking their band to the next level. We talked for hours about goals and targets and they really seemed interested in making things happen for themselves. Even cooler than that was a fan of ours I met named Chris.  Chris was from the UK and here in Canada on business.  Turns out, he’s a big fan of our band and waited around all night for our performance.  Even when the show got pushed back over an hour behind schedule, Chris hung out to see our set.







After woodstock, we headed to Toronto where I got to see my cousin RJ and the crazy 3 floor sex shop he works at. We also had a hotel room purchased for us by one of our fans when we reached out that we couldnt find a place to crash.  The bar we played in Toronto is definitely one of the coolest I’ve played at in my career let alone this tour.  The staff were all super cool and even the promoter made sure that we took home some $$ irregardless of the turnout.  To those of use touring and performing frequently, you know how un heard of this sort of thing is.

The Toronto show was amazing and really stuck to the same theme of us playing our hearts out to a room full of people who were super excited to see us for the first time.  The promoter was blown away and it sounds like we can guarantee our next performance with them.

After Toronto, it was time to start the big trek to Quebec and that was super exciting for all of us.  We hit up Montreal on Tuesday to a large audience in the Piranha bar, and met our Publicist in person for the first time.  We also met some more great bands with the best kind of welcoming attitude and kindness that for sure will take them far. Then we hit the road to Sherbrooke.


Sherbrooke was a smaller town with some amazing sights and even more amazing architecture that really welcomed us into their community. We played at a smaller sized venue but the crowd was explosive! Despite my biggest fear of a language barrier, the crowd still soaked it up.  Even with my shitty french.

With only two shows scheduled in Quebec, we reluctantly headed out of province for our next show in Ontario, Guelph.

Knowing that the drive was too long for a single trek, I was reaching out to an old friend about a place to crash, and thats where my friend Hugh came in.  Hugh and I had been members of the same video game clan for over a decade and we had never met in person.  But Hugh was living almost exactly 1/2 way to our next location, so it made the perfect spot to crash. he opened his doors to us and let us sleep, bathe and even do laundry in his home which is the proverbial gold mine when you’re on the road as long as we are. On top of that, his girlfriend even made us a custom ice cream cake with our band logo on it as a good bye gift. What a great family and a killer gesture. So badass.  All of this stemmed from over a decade of trusting each other in game and in clan wars. What an unreal thing…. but it makes for a great story and will hopefully restore some faith in humanity.


This was a last minute addition to our tour dates which brought us to playing in support of the big timers, Threat Signal.  We opened the night of 4 bands with our usual style and energy level, despite a battery issue making us a couple hours late for our call time.  We set up and sound checked in record time and then blew the roof in a jaw dropping fashion. My other god friend Matt Perrin is playing in Threat Signal now, so we had a blast catching up and making horrific inappropriate gestures and jokes to each other the entire night.  I haven’t seen Matt in almost 3 years so it was great to run into him and catch up like time was never a thing between us. People like that are amazing and its super rad to see both of our bands doing so well that the booking agents brought us together. Love ya Matt.. <3.  Threat Signal turned out to be rad dudes and really had great conversations with us all… life was great!


Next came Ottawa, which was another last minute addition to the schedule. We headed to the bar called, “Mavericks” and played in their upstairs bar.  What a killer time!  We got to play and meet up with my old friend Emine who moved to Ottawa just around a year ago and is kicking ass with her cover band.  Emine was one of the guitar players that inspired me to practice more and to take my craft very seriously. I don’t know if she ever knew that… but now she can read about it in person haha.  They opened up for us with some great covers of European metal bands like Children of Bodom and Amon Amarth.  Things were great.  After our set, we all sat down for some corn dogs and smoked meat sandwhiches.  I totally spent waaaaaay to much at that vendor.


During the drive to our Ottawa show, the promoter of our Timmins show had been in contact with me about the difficulties regarding that show. Looks like it was going to be cancelled. We decided that it was best to not risk the 10 hour drive up to Timmins for the show to maybe get cancelled along the way. That would leave us in the lurch for wasted gas money and nowhere to sleep.  I messaged the sudbury metal scene and the next thing I know… we had a last minute (less than 24 hours notice) show booked in Sudbury!

We returned to the same venue we had played just 7 days earlier and the crowd was an astounding amount!  We left the show as free so that we could at least play to a large crowd on what would have otherwise been a night off. The promoter was smart enough to leave a donation bin at the bar and ask everyone that came out to throw in what they could since our next show was so far away.  People were so fantastically generous, that we hit our usual guarantee and our smiles are massive because of it.

Now I’m sitting at the kitchen table of my cousin Lisa typing that one of the best shows we’ve had on tour was a last minute edition that ended up being free. That was a pretty surreal experience.  Now it’s time to start heading back to our next show of the tour which is all the way in Portage La Prairie, Manitoba. we’ll make our way to Thunder Bay tonight (about 12 hour drive) and crash in a hotel there.  After wards we’ll make a stop in Kenora to see Alex’s family and then continue on to Winnipeg for  rest stop before our show in Portage.

We are getting closer and closer to the most important show of the tour for me… but that is another story for another time.

Much Love and Respect,


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