The First Show

So our first show of the tour was last night in Red Deer. This town is always nuts for us and is probably the most responsible for my inflated rock star ego, thanks Justin.

We had a killer time and played really well!  Very little stage rust was apparent it felt like and we even tested out some new tunes with the crowd.  But that wasn’t the only crazy thing that happened.

So yesterday was my first ever guitar clinic which obviously had me a little nervous. There was some interest in me sitting in a room with other people and demoing songs from our record and answering technique questions. Things started off rough when I couldn’t hear the backing track very well, but I recovered and honestly feel that it went off great! Hopefully I inspired some young guitarists to get at the metal stuffs and who knows, maybe we can get another fan or 5.

After the clinic, my pal Justin had set up a Mortal Kombat X tournament after hearing of my apparent “skills” at the game.  It was a blast and I ended up winning the tournament and that came with some spending cash! Yay food…..

Once the gear and the merch was all loaded in we watched the other bands do their thing. That’s always a killer time for me because I get to meet new people and make some new friends. All of the bands were great and the venue was super cool and welcoming.  I’m sure some pictures and videos will make their way to our facebook page eventually, but for now… I’ll just live in my head with how great everyone did.

Big thanks to Shadows Productions for once again putting us up and bringing us up here for the 5th time.  Love Red Deer so hard.

If you’re reading this, make sure you follow our instagram and our facebook page.  It helps us feel important.  Egos a plenty.

Calgary tonight as part of Nate Fest.


Much love and respect,



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