The weirdest things happen to you when you’re on the road.  Some of them are terrifying, and almost always exhilierating. So in this case, after driving for 11 hours straight through the night, we ended up in sudbury at my cousin in laws house to rest up. This also happens to be the cousin in law that I have never met before. In comes the cavalry.

After being married for 6 years, I get to meet some of my wife’s side of the family…. I just didn’t think it was going to happen all at once. When we arrived at the venue in sudbury, we were greeted by a small armada (20 people or so) of in laws wearing our classic “you smell like a bitch” design.  Unreal.

Everyone wanted hugs and pictures and more hugs and more pictures… things were quite insane. But I happily obliged because family is family.

The show in sudbury was another first… the first time at this new club that everyone has been chatting about, and my first time meeting Mark, someone who I’ve chatted with on many occasions via Facebook but never met in person.  Solid dude and super rad person in general.

We played one of our best sets of the tour and the promoter was super happy to see all of the family there, since they paid to get in haha.  Even my 83 year old grandma in law was there rocking out to the set while wearing our bitch shirt. Things were just too unreal to forget. A record night in more ways than one… what a blast.

Much love and respect,



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