WOW!!!! That was awesome!!

Tonight in Oshawa we experienced something that was unreal to us…. it’s been happening a few times but this time we really got the chance to see whats what about our set. We killed it.

Morgan through on the show for us since he was the local dude that handles all that sort of thing. We played together in our respective bands back in april as part of the Kalmah tour, and I was hoping we made a decent impression. Turns out we made enough of an impression to have him book us the gig and it was awesome!

All the bands on the bill that night were killer and we had a great time making new friends as it seems is the pattern and habit of this tour. But when we started to play, things got nuts.

By his own account, Morgan described our set as “You guys just walked on stage and dropped your pants”.  He was so entertained by our set that he left his post as the door man just to watch. The entire crowd was enthralled and we started to pull people from the street that were just walking by. Moments like that, although very bad for the ego, just made us feel like we were on cloud 9. Its those kind of moments you drill and hope for. The hours you spend in your jam space rehearsing and writing and practicing and preparing all seem to fade away when you get responses like the one we got in Oshawa.  I can’t wait to return to this town.

Funny side note,  Ryan and I went to this burger shack for dinner and ran into someone who seemed to like the metal stuffs. I mentioned to him about the local show just a few blocks up the street and he was super interested. He asked me who was playing and I said, “Without Mercy is in town from Vancouver!”. I then talked up all of these facts and things that the band has done without ever leading on that Ryan and I were in the band.  He later went home and messaged me the next day calling my bluff.  He was laughing pretty hard so it’s still awesome.  Made a new fan and hopefully made a new friend.

Oshaws ruled hard…. and now Woodstock on a sunday that just so happens to be fathers day.

Much Love and Respect,


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