Once again, Lethbridge showed us what it means to be from a smaller town and love metal. These kids rule so hard.

Regan is my coworker in Temple Entertainment, but when you come through town he makes you feel like a goddamn rockstar. Way to be awesome Regan!

Once again we got to jam it out with God Said Kill but sadly, this was our last show together and our tours thus parted ways after this point.

But they ended everything on such a high note! Way to be super pro you guys! The room was shocked by their skill (as seemed to be the theme of their trek). We were all front row losing it to their great set. I’m having other people’s nightmares.

Depths of Hatred were stellar and really into our set as well!  Was so cool to finally see Dominic in person. Of course Aegaeon was lethal and raised the bar for our own live performance. We now know where the next level for us needs to be. Super cool chilling with the singer, Julian, after the show.  He’s a stellar dude who also seems to be as big of a video game fan as I am!

The avulsion were great as always!  They’ve really started to lock down some killer rhythms and great song structure.

Tonight we get a hotel room with our buddies in God Said Kill and make sure we send this tour off into the record books with a killer party.  There have been so many parties on this tour…. my poor body……

Much Love and Respect,


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