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WOW!!!! That was awesome!! Tonight in Oshawa we experienced something that was unreal to us…. it’s been happening a few times but this time we really got the chance to see whats what about our set. We killed it. Morgan through on the show for us since he was the local dude that handles all […]


The weirdest things happen to you when you’re on the road.  Some of them are terrifying, and almost always exhilierating. So in this case, after driving for 11 hours straight through the night, we ended up in sudbury at my cousin in laws house to rest up. This also happens to be the cousin in […]

Thunder Bay

Our first trip to the uncharted territory or province of Ontario! Super excited to finally be out here after all of this time in the band and honestly, im not sure if things could be going any better! We hit up Thunder Bay as the inaugural show of the Ontario jaunt and it was a […]

Brandon Manitoba

So this was the first time we had ever played in Brandon. We had heard of the infamous North Hill Inn… but never had the chance to line up dates before.  Last night was so worth the wait! We rolled into the venue and set up pretty much right away. There was rumour of a […]


For the first time in 5 years we returned to Winnipeg last night! Of course we had the day off after lethbridge so we could attempt the drive. With an amazing turn of events, our buddy Troy from Planet Eater invited us to spend the night with him! This meant we could break the drive […]


Once again, Lethbridge showed us what it means to be from a smaller town and love metal. These kids rule so hard. Regan is my coworker in Temple Entertainment, but when you come through town he makes you feel like a goddamn rockstar. Way to be awesome Regan! Once again we got to jam it […]


Not sure where I’ve left off as it’s been so crazy! Played Edmonton and had a blast doing it!  This was yet another show with our buddies in God Said Kill and they ripped it up something fierce!  It’s been nice to see everyone so surprised by their skill.  We’ve been spoiled by playing with […]


So last night was the mighty NateFest here in Calgary. NateFest was set up to celebrate our friend Big Nate and his birthday bash. So many great bands played and they pushed the set times back late to try and get the Lamb of God crowd once that show let out.  I gotta say,  Calgary […]

The First Show

So our first show of the tour was last night in Red Deer. This town is always nuts for us and is probably the most responsible for my inflated rock star ego, thanks Justin. We had a killer time and played really well!  Very little stage rust was apparent it felt like and we even […]

Day 1

  Well the cherry has been popped and here we are back in Calgary for our home away from home. We stay with a good friend of mine who happens to have a massive house in the NW. Let’s us use the place as a sort of home base to get everything all squared away. Tomorrow, […]

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