So last night was the mighty NateFest here in Calgary. NateFest was set up to celebrate our friend Big Nate and his birthday bash. So many great bands played and they pushed the set times back late to try and get the Lamb of God crowd once that show let out.  I gotta say,  Calgary was a stellar fucking time!

When we started touring way back when, Calgary was a very difficult town for us. We weren’t seeing much love and certainly not drawing a crowd. Last night changed all of that! So many people were excited to see us and so many came out to see us! What a blast Calgary is, especially when you get to play in the number one venue in town…. Distortion.

Hats go off the the staff of distortion as well who always treat us amazing and make sure we’re taken care of. Everyone from the bartender to the door staff to the security making sure no one messes with any of our gear or safety… we’re super appreciative you guys are there.

The crowd was insane and we got to see our pals in Planet Eater yet again. It was shows like this that introduced me to Exit Strategy, and I’m starting to feel the same friendship building with Planet Eater.  Starting to sound like a Canadian tour should be in the works?  I think I’ll drop that hint next time I see them in Regina!

Nothing but amazing times are being had on tour right now and for that, I’m insanely grateful.  Shout out to my friends the Barnfield’s for letting us crash with them again.  This place is like a damn vacation mansion so its great to recoup and recover from all the road scars.  Today we head up to Edmonton to visit my friend Larry who is going to act as our driver for the Grand Prairie stint. That’s also where we’ll meet up with our friends in God Said Kill for the next couple of shows. If there’s one thing I’ve noticed, it’s that we’re making a lot of new friends…. and that is super ok by me.

Much love and respect,



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