Brandon Manitoba

So this was the first time we had ever played in Brandon. We had heard of the infamous North Hill Inn… but never had the chance to line up dates before.  Last night was so worth the wait!

We rolled into the venue and set up pretty much right away. There was rumour of a fair of some kind in the area which the promoter was worried would deter a crowd for the show. A decent sized group of people eventually made their way to our show and they did not disappoint!

Starting off the night was our pals in Endless Chaos. I love these guys. I’ve been friends with most of these guys for years from the other bands they’ve been in.  Especially Jordan Dorge… love that guy.

We played second and totally got everyone moving their asses.  It kinda helps when I start swearing at people… haha.

Our bros in Tyrants Demise closed out the night… and holy shit are they awesome.  They have some of the sickest grooves and bell shot combos out there and they really do some dope dual guitar leads and melodies. Mike Pries is a fucking beast.

Brandon also had me meet some fans that were very excited by our performance.  It was a new thing for me to meet someone that into what we were doing that they wanted pictures and autographs up the yin yang.  I signed a phone case last night for crying out loud!

It was one of those moments that makes you look at yourself and see the kind of reaction you get in people. I mentioned this earlier on my facebook, but I am very grateful for the attention and the kind words. Most of all, I am grateful for the role models and mentors I have had in this industry that taught me how you are supposed to act and how to treat anyone that you meet… especially fans.  With role models and mentors like mine, how can you ever go wrong?

Thanks Dime!

Much love and Respect,


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